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Uses of A Pocket Knife

If you have ever carried a pocket knife, you possibly know that they have endless benefits. A pocket knife such as Nitecore TM26 can be a good aid in fixing almost anything. Read a full Nitecore TM26 Review to know more. Any creative person should carry three things wherever they go: a pocket knife, a pen and a writing material. I am listing in this creative article uses of a pocket knife.

Uses of A Pocket Knife


A knife is a multipurpose tool. You can use a knife anywhere to fix one or two things that are troubling you. Take foPocket Knifer instance when doing some repair in your home or office. You can use a knife as a screwdriver if you do not have one. You can also use it to scrap unwanted paint, rust, and labels. A pocket knife is, therefore, a very good substitute for any tool that you may not have at a moment.


This is a creative act of deliberately cutting small pieces of wood to make a useful instrument or curving. You can curve a cooking stick using a pocket knife. If you are creative, enough you can make a sculpture using a pocket knife. People use pocket knives to knit sticks into spears, makeshift arrows and bows and anything needed for a particular function.

For your safety

A pocket knife is an excellent emergency tool. You can use it to cut bandages, cut a rope or tape used by kidnappers to someone. Depending on security situation a pocket knife can be used as against animals or people.

Preparing food

If you are hiking chances have you only carried a pocket knife and not a set of kitchen knives. Your pocket knife can be very useful for chopping pieces of meat or fish, fruits and veggies. Carry a reliable knife and you will greatly increase efficiency in food preparation wherever you go.


You need a knife to complete any indoor or outdoor project. You Pocket Knife 2can use the knife to cut a rope, make small pieces of sticks on the farm or anywhere and smooth wood.

These are general uses of pocket knives. As I stated above, pocket knives are valuable tools for any creative person. You need a knife to enhance your creativity by swiftly implementing a thought. The good thing is the knives are convenient to carry around. You can carry them in your pocket to ensure you go around with them. FYI, pocket knives are not expensive. Anyone can afford one. They are easily available in different shapes and sizes online and offline.…