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Two Major Considerations On The Use Of 0-rings

From machine design to applications in household appliances, the use of the O-ring is practically indispensable. Availability of o-rings comes in the form of metric as well as inch sizes. An o-ring continues to be an important element in industrial hydraulics. Here are two major considerations on use of o-rings


Industrial applications of o-rings

A precisely engineered mechanical mounting is essential for the successful use of o-rings in joint design. Such a moo-ringsunting must take into consideration the deformation of the o-ring. The amount of stress, which is mechanical in nature, should be of a precisely calculated amount at the o-ring contacting surface with the mounting. In principle, the fluid pressure that is contained must not be greater than the stress that is imposed on the o-ring.

As such, leakage in the component will not happen. And because the o-ring material is virtually incompressible, the pressure of the fluid that is being contained is transferred, and the pressure at the interface increases as the operating pressure goes up. The specification of o-ring sizes is using the inner diameter as well as the thickness, otherwise known as the cross section diameter. As long as the o-ring does not fail in a mechanical way, the sealing of high-pressure fluid can be done effectively. The usual mode of sealing failure is at the interface of the adjoining parts.

Design of O-rings

The design of the seal is such that a contact exists between the sealing surfaces, that is between the o-ring and the mounting surfaces. This method of sealing allows for the containment of high-pressure fluids. This can be achieved within the stress failure limits of the o-ring.

Imperfections are common in the contact surfaces of the mounting parts, and o-ring material which is highly flexible in nature effectively fills out and accommodates all uneven surfaces. Nevertheless, an excellent surface finish is imperative for all the parts that come into contact, meaning that there should be as little imperfections as possible on the surfaces between o-ring as well as the contact surfaces of the mounting.

This is especially critical in low-temperature applications because the material of the sealing compound is at its glass transition temperature threshold, making it more crystalline in its properties. The same principle would apply to applications of o-ring sealing in o-ringsdynamic environments. An exceedingly rough finish to the surface of the contact parts will cause abrasion to the surface of the o-ring. On the other hand, the sealing would not be sufficiently lubricated by the fluid film in the situation that the surfaces that come into contact are exceedingly smooth.

The correct choice of o-rings regarding sizes and material would have to take into account the above major considerations on the use of o-rings and majorly on nature of the application and the environment, including that of physical and chemical resistance. O-rings are available in some materials that include Viton, nitrile, FFKM, FKM, silicone, EPDM and more.…

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Top Tips on Hiring a General Contractor

A general contractor is a crucial asset in any construction project. No matter how big or small your project is, you need to hire an experienced and professional contractor. Hiring the wrong contractor may lead to inferior work, project delays, and even legal problems.

Hiring a general contractor

1. Make Sure the Contractor is Licensed, Insured and Qualified

Hiring a licensed and insured general contractor presents you with many additional protections.Contractor Having a license ensures the credibility and knowledge of the contractor. The general contractor must possess a minimum amount of experience and must pass some tests before obtaining the license.

By checking and verifying the contractor’s licensing, you will be in most times assured of a financially responsible, competent, and honest worker. You must also look at the qualifications of the contractor. The contractor must be willing to share the qualifications and necessary staff details with you. This will keep you on a level playing field with the general contractor.

2. Price is not always everything

You must never hire a general contractor based on their estimated costs and charges alone. Some general contractors are inexperienced and not permanently established. They may not be regularly employed due to their inexperience and will want to take any job that comes their way.

These contractors will always be willing to reduce their price estimates and charges to very low levels. The cheapest offer is not always the best, and this is not the best strategy when hiring a general contractor. This cost difference may be reflected in the low quality of work, missed deadlines, or substandard materials.

3. Make Sure there is Clear Communication

The general contracconstruction tor must be willing to have a written agreement in place. You must ensure that the terms are clear, in writing and your personal interests are protected. While oral agreements can be used, it is advisable to have formal written contract that shows clear communication between you and the contractor.

The contractor must indicate how the work will be done, the type of materials that will be used, and the deadline for the project. The contractor must also have a special communication arrangement in the case of emergencies and must always keep you updated.…

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Wealthy Affiliate – A Detailed Review

Wealthy Affiliate is a community membership platform which helps its members to create and grow their online businesses. Founded in 2005 by two online Internet marketers Kyle and Carson, the company claims to have helped nearly one million budding entrepreneurs in the last decade. Well, the Internet is flooded with thousands of scam affiliate platforms. For this reason, we present you a brief review of Wealthy Affiliate so that you can decide whether or not the website is 100% genuine.


Wealthy Affiliate offers loads of training sessions on how to build a successful online business from scratch. You do not even need to have your products. Your mentors will help your pick the right product that complements your website. They also teach you everything about affiliate marketing and the best ways to pitch your products to your potential customers.

Solid Website Building Platform

Behind every successful online business is a reliable site. Wealthy Affiliate provides you the Site Rubix platform which comes bundled with a plethora of tools not just for web design, but also for website analytics, management, SEO, and security. Also, there are over 3,000 free website templates to choose from. So, you can build your website in less than an hour.


Wealthy Affiliate offers two levels of membership – Starter and Premium. The Starter level is free of cost and suits the newbies. It allows you to create two new websites and gives access to the LiveHelp and one-on-one coaching sessions for the first seven days.

The Starter program is perfect to know everything the platform offers, especially their Affiliate Program. On the other hand, the Premium level lets you access all the tools, training videos and the customer support provided by Wealthy Affiliate. As a Premium member, you can build up to 50 websites.

bitcoinMobile Friendly?

Wealthy Affiliate’s website is perfectly optimized for mobile devices. You may use it on your iPad, Windows Phone or Android devices.

Overall, Wealthy Affiliate is not just a collection of tools and training programs. Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? From the positive reviews, it is certainly not a scam. It is an enormous online community of people who interact with one another on a regular basis to offer support and guidance. However, we would have liked the platform more if it provided a money back guarantee to skeptical customers. But you can try the platform free of cost for seven days, and we cannot ask for more.…

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Standard and Special Seals – A Primer

The seals or sealants are products that are used to seal gaps between two movable parts, especially in an automobile or block the passage of fluids through surfaces, joints or openings. Both the terms are used interchangeably. Seals/sealants can be weak, strong, flexible, rigid, temporary or permanent. Seals can also be classified according to their use, like industrial, construction, mechanical or home use.

The differentiation that you need to make at this juncture is between adhesive and seal. Sealants have lower strength but higher elongation because they are used between two substrates of different materials, having different coefficients of expansion. Hence, sealants need to be flexible, wellendichtring and expandable. On the other hand, adhesives are used to stick two different materials, as in glue. Most sealants are made of an inert material, so that they do not interact with other materials, and often made of an elastic material to fill the gaps between different surfaces.

Different types

Standard Seals

Standard seals include those for filling gaps between household materials, as in a washer used in faucets or speakerplumbing pipes. These bushings are made of rubber, and hence, are also known as rubber sealants.

Paints and varnishes are also standard seals that are used not only for aesthetic purposes but also to prevent rusting of metal surfaces or prevent water from seeping into buildings.

Special Seals

The Special seals include those used in various industrial applications, as in industrial pipes for the flow of gases, liquids and other chemicals that are produced or used in different factories and industries. Similarly, industrial seals can be used in various automobile applications that are used in automobile engines, gasoline pipes, etc.

Another form of industrial seals can be in the transmission of water from water treatment plants to various homes. Two tubes of the same size are sealed with a layer of sealant between the pipes and fixed using nuts and bolts. Some standard sealants are also used for dental applications, as in providing an enamel cap or using sealants to attach teeth to a base.


field of constructionThe final application of industrial seals is in the field of construction. Cement is a material that hardens when water is mixed with it. Additionally, cement, when mixed with materials like fine aggregate, coarse aggregate, and water, becomes concrete. Concrete inherently has problems because it does not dry uniformly. To save concrete from having pores, construction seals, like putty, silicone, paints, etc. are applied so that the pores are closed.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of applications for sealants. Some sealants have standard applications, as in homes, and plumbing appliances. Other sealants have specialized applications, as in automobiles, water transmission pipes, in manufacturing set-ups, and other applications.…