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Frequently Asked Questions When Growing the Psilocybe Cubensis Kit

Psilocybin is a common type of hallucinogenic substance present in different types of mushrooms. Psilocybe Cubensis is the popular type of them all. Pslocybes can be used to treat a wide range of behavioral disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction, and different kinds of psychological distress. You can opt for it to get the best results in these treatments.

Looking for a safe website to order psilocybes online in Canada. Shrooms Delivery is the right platform to try out. You can also buy the Psilocybe Cubensis kit and start cultivating your own magic mushrooms for future use. Here are common questions most people ask when growing the Psilocybe Cubensis kit.

What Is the Difference Between the Varieties?

The main differences are morphological (in appearance) and colonization, and fruiting times. The differences are not very noticeable at a subjective level (their effect) since they have the same active compounds only with slight variations.

I Just Received the Kit, Now What?

If you are not going to grow the mushroom kit directly, it should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 5 ºC. If it is kept at a suitable temperature, it can be stored in it for several months.

Should I Fill the Kit With Water Before Starting?

Kits are usually not stored for longer periods, so the product you receive is fresh, and you do not need to hydrate it fully. It will only be necessary to spray the surface briefly.

How Much Water Should Be Sprayed on the Kit?

This is variable, although the ideal is to keep the surface slightly covered so that no puddles or water lagoons form.

What Temperature Is Ideal for My Kit?

Psilocybes are of robust varieties. It is advisable to grow between 18 and 26 ºC, with the optimal climate around 23 ºC. Although they support temperatures from 10 to even 32ºC, if they leave the first range, they will grow with difficulty and slowly, and the production will not be as good. Temperature and humidity can be easily controlled with the help of a thermo-hygrometer.

When Should I Pick the Mushrooms?

psychedelic mushroomsThey can be collected as they open the hat’s veil. That is when the membrane just below them begins to tear. The ideal would be to anticipate this as much as possible so that the mushroom does not release its spores in the kit. Some mushrooms tend to grow faster than others, so the best is to collect them as they are ready and let the others grow.

How Do I Collect My Mushrooms?

Don’t tear them off! It is recommended that you first clean your hands well or use gloves. Using your thumb and forefinger at the mushroom base, apply pressure while gently turning your hand until the mushroom is released from the substrate. If any piece of mushroom remains attached to the substrate, leave it. It is too embedded to be safely removed.…

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Tips on Starting a Podcast

Anyone marketing anything socially would agree that having all people in a target audience engaged is very crucial. Podcasts make sure that you are heard in a highly engaging and convenient manner. If you want to leverage podcasting as a content marketing strategy, you must understand these tips and tricks before starting a podcast. :

Plan your Content

A successful podcast must have all the qualities of good content, including properly selected topics, relevancy, excellent flow, and proper structure and format. In general, you should work to deliver all you intend to, in a natural and organized manner.

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Be Consistent

If you want to remain relevant online, you must be ready to create frequent podcast audio sessions for your audience. It would be best if you considered delegating a day or two in a week to record audio content for your target audience. Like any other marketing strategy, podcasting calls for a significant time commitment to regularly record, edit, and post audio sessions.

Plan Out your Intros and Outros

To make your podcast grow, you should consider investing in your podcast intros and outros. A good introduction should include a brief synopsis of what will be discussed in the session. In your outros, always summarize the take-home message and remind your audience to subscribe to your content.

Use the Right Equipment and Software.

To produce high-quality audio content, you must use the best equipment while recording and the finest editing software. Here you have the freedom to select any brand of equipment such as microphones and headphones. There is also innumerable podcast editing software, some even being mobile-friendly.

Create Quality Thumbnails

A thumbnail is the only space you can engage your audience visually. This is vital, considering that the rest of the content is in audio form. Always make sure that your thumbnails are precise but adequately engaging.

Practice Before you Record

To determine how you will sound to your audience in the actual recording, you should practice telling the story to your friends and let them give an honest opinion of it. Always make sure that you sound natural in everything you say in a cast before you go ahead to publish it.

Podcasting is slowly becoming the content marketing strategy of the day and especially in the business industry. The only way to make sure that you enjoy all the benefits that podcasting offers is simply doing it the right way. Don’t assume anything here; take every podcasting step seriously and always keep in mind that your audio content’s quality is the number one factor in making you and your audience satisfied.…