living room of a house

Before you get into an agreement to sell your house, it is prudent to maximize the value of the house through staging. The following are highly effective tips on how to spruce up your home for a better value:

Improve the general aesthetic appeal of the home- If you want to create a first good impression of your home to prospective buyers, then you will need to revamp, repaint and unclutter strategic places of the home so as to impress those scouting for a new home and, consequently, ultimately result in a purchase. This should be done particularly at the entrance.



Prospective home owners highly consider the convenience and ease of staying in the prospective home before they paStaging Ideasrt with any money or sign any papers. Make sure that if the house has the basic amenities- bathroom, etc.- they are updated with new paint, new hardware (towel rack, toilet paper holder, etc.) new flooring, new shower curtain and towels, etc. Doing this will add considerable value to the home.

Outside Maintenance

There are a few tweaks you’ll need to do on the outside so as to prime your home for viewing and, eventually, sale. For example, improving the curb appeal of the house is wont to attract more prospective homebuyers. Making sure the gutters, siding, and downspouts are in a perfect condition will increase the general outlook of the home.

Evacuate Personal Items

So as to let prospective homebuyers imagine themselves in the house, and recreate the interior design of their future home in their mind, remove personal belongings such as personal photos, keepsakes, etc. Moreover, removing personal items from the house before viewing will make the rooms seem larger and spacious- something that will work to your advantage. You may rent a storage unit to store the clutter in the meanwhile. You may relocate pets as well.

Professional Cleaning

Consider hiriStaging Ideasng professional cleaning services before you list your property. Cleaning will give the home the much-needed aura of livability. Moreover, it will purge the house of unpleasant odors, crawling insects and pests (that can be a nuisance and a put-off to most prospective home buyers).


There are other things you will need to do, depending on the special circumstances of your case. Inspect the home for any glaring issues and accordingly fix them; for example, you may procure new lighting fixtures, floor coverings, or electrical outlet covers. You may also consider adding an alarm system to the house. While these updates are seemingly minor, they will significantly impact the time it takes for a person to purchase your property, and at how much.