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Tips on cleaning a car interior

Cars are rather costly modes of transport. Therefore we need to keep them clean and always in a great condition. We ensure that a car is waxed to keep it shiny and looking like a brand new one all time. Although many car owners do not clean their car interior, it is still an important task to do. Car interior cleaning will give a good impression to the occupants and help your car interior to look new after a couple of years. Without proper steam cleaning interior, your dashboard will turn gray from black and the leather’s color will start to fade away. There are some brilliant car cleaning tips which can help you to make your car’s interior cleaning process much simpler and leave your car looking awesome. They are as follows:

Remove all the unwanted trash

The initial thing to do in order to make your car’s interior look clean is by getting rid of all the unwanted trash on acar interior regular basis. Make sure not to keep the trash in the back of your seat for days. Dumping the trash from your car will cut down the cleaning time and make your car look neat and clean. Though it sounds easy, a lot of people fail to clear these trash like brochures, newspapers and so on.

Spray clean seats and doors

It is highly advisable to use a spray cleaner for cleaning your car seat as well as the car door. Using a spray cleaner for this task can make everything easy. What you should do is to spray the cleaner on door upholstery and the seat. After that rub them intensely using a dry cloth. Once the rubbing is finished properly, you are required to dry it with a dry soft cloth. Ensure that there is no spilled water in your car because it can create mold, corrosion and more.

Remove the floor mats

During the cleaning remove the floor mats. Take a vacuum cleaner and clean the seat and the floor. Clean the entire floor because the dust will cause allergies. You need to vacuum clean the floor mat separately.

Clean the dashboard and other timber or plastic parts

CleanerYou can use a soft cloth to clean the dashboard and other timber or plastic parts of your car. Take the soft cloth and a little amount of laundry detergent and gently rub the dashboard and then dry it using a dry soft cloth. Spray plastic and timber polish after that. On the stereo system you need to use soft brush to spread the polish. You have to wipe it with a dry soft cloth to make your dashboard shinier.

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